AVP:R is an abreviation of Alien vs Predator: Requiem. It is the sequel of the 2004 movie Alien vs Predator. It takes place place right after the events of the first move, when the chestburster bursts out of the predator, Scar.


After the Predalien chestburster comes out of Scar, The predalien matures and kills every predator on a ship. One of the predators saw his friend get killed with thermel vision but didn't see the predalien until he switched to alien vision where the predalien was yellow instead of green. After it showed the predators death, two people, a father and a son, are out on a hunting trip when they see the ship crash. They go over to scope it out when they see facehuggers. The dad shoots one, but the facehuggers blood gets on his arm and melts it off. Then more facehuggers show up and get on the dad. The kid ducks behind a tree stump and waits. He pops his head up and gets implanted as well. After a while you see the two again with chestbursters coming out. Then you see a place called Gunnison, Colorado, where a dude named Dallas comes out of a bus to see a police officer named, Eddie. Dallas gets in the passenger seat next to Eddie and they talk about the old times, when Dallas sat in the back. Then Dallas's brother, Ricky is seen with a pizza delivery job, and goes to a girl named Jessies' house to deliver. Then her boyfriend beats him and then throws his keys in the sewer.